Mom & Kids

Mommy And Kids Time

Be your kids first and best friend!

Once in a year, take out your child to the new places

Trip? No Way! My baby is so small. How I will manage everything?

Well! We understand that planning a trip may seem off limits, especially when the kids are small. It might brings fear and anxiety sometimes.

Maybe you are busy with your household chores, but spending some time with kids while they’re growing up is very important. It makes your bond more strong. Take them out for weekend outings or plan a short trip. Let them participate in the adventure activities.

Himachal Travel Club is inspiring and motivating the mommies with toddlers or young children, to travel. We will provide you with the facilities you need while traveling with kids. We will also guide you with the traveling tips like what to pack, where to go etc.

we help you planning your journey


Just Mom & Kids Time!

School holidays? Great! Take your kid to one of the exciting and memorable trip to Himachal instead of the regular Nani house visit.

Traveling with a toddler?

We understand it’s a bit difficult to travel with small babies. We’ll provide you with all the necessary facilities including emergency medical help, during the travel.

Whether it’s a kid or a senior citizen, everyone deserve to travel Himachal atleast once in a lifetime. Book your travel plan and cherish the memories of an amazing trip for life.

Camps for children

We also organize camps for children. It will help your kids to follow the rules and maintain discipline. The fun activities will help them learn new things.

Our well designed engagement activities allow your kids to participate in exciting tasks. By achieving small goals as a team or as an individual boost their confidence and explore a new realm of possibilities for them.


A new world will open up for your kids. They will learn new things about culture and tradition. Let your kid learn and experience through adventures and fun activities.

This tour allows moms to learn more about their kids by allowing them to explore the best side of themselves by setting them free. You’ll explore the hidden creative sides of your kids and will make a stronger bond with them.

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We don’t sell packages, we sell experiences. Our core vision is to provide lifetime travel experiences to our travelers. Traveling with us is a moment that you wish to cherish with your family, friends and loved ones.


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