Solo travel doesn’t mean you will be travelling alone. The world is full of FRIENDS, waiting to get to know you.

Got the urge to travel and adventure? Get a travel plan and pack up your bags. Many travellers on out trips love travelling solo or as a part of small groups. Travelling alone makes you confident, fearless, and a huge resource of information about destinations, travel tips, money advice and safety suggestions.
People are so busy in their lives, that they hardly take out time for themselves. It's time to rediscover yourself. Leave your worries behind, pack your bags and get ready to experience the new things. It's better to go and experience once than to listen to it a hundred times from others.

Need a travel companion? Book onto our travel plans.

If you don't want to go alone, let us know. We'll provide you travel companions. You can go with a small group of people. Get to know them and enjoy the trip with them. You will start the journey alone but return back from the trip with new friendships.

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Nature admirer

If you are a nature admirer, we welcome you to join us. Himachal is the best place to feel closer to nature. The mountains, forests, clear sky, rivers, waterfalls, the ambiance, beautiful sunsets and sunrises and fragrance of pine trees in the fresh air will make your heart happy.

Chase the offbeat tracks

There are many remote locations in Himachal which are less travelled. If you love to explore new things, this is the best option. A backpack with all the necessary things and a map to the valleys of Kinnaur and remote villages of Kullu-Manali and Shimla is all you need.

A night under the stars

Guitar, music, bonfire and a whole night under the stars; sounds better than watching a movie or going to club. Right? So, what are you waiting for? Book your trip now. Enjoy the moments, sleep in the tents and wake up to a beautiful sunrise in the hills.

Adventurous weekends

A trip doesn't always mean you need a week or two to travel. You can plan quick escapes on the weekend. Go for some adventures and experience the thrill. The adventure sports carried out in Himachal are off-roading, snow drive, paragliding, trekking and many more.


Solo Female Travelers

Our solo travel packages are available for everyone. We know women too need their "Me Time". Solo traveling doesn't mean you have to travel alone. We can provide you with the other like-minded travelers on the solo trip. Book your solo tour package to Himachal and experience the wonderful journey.

So, ladies, it's time to pack your bags, tie your shoes and explore Himachal as never before! There are many remarkable places that are known for their undoubted charm. These places are also safe for solo female travelers. Many of these destinations will definitely be on the bucket list of everyone after you've travelled.

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