Hatkoti Temple - Shimla

Himachal is known as the “DevBhoomi” or “Land of Gods”. Shimla is blessed with many religious spots and Hatkoti Temple is one of them. The temple is located in the mysterious Hatkoti valley. The temple date back to ancient times and is made of stones and is quite different from other temples. It is said that Sri Adi Shankaracharya established this religious spot. Devi Durga and Lord Shiva are worshipped here.

This destination attracts the worldwide people of all the religions due to the backdrop view of snowcapped Himalayas. The place offers peace and the picturesque scenic beauty relax and freshen up the mind and refills the energy. It is located beside the river Pabbar.



The temple is a most visited pilgrimage of the district. It is appreciated for the unique architecture. Here Goddess Durga is worshiped in one of its more powerful form Devi Mahisasurmardini. The idol is made of “ashtadhatu” (8 precious metals) and is 1.2 m high. Light is emitted from the idol due to its sanctum installation.
There are few inscriptions on both sides of the idol which are still unidentified. There is another temple of Lord Shiva within the boundary of premises. The unique feature is that the width of Shivalingam is more than the entry door. There are several temples within the boundary having surprising features. There is a Dharamshala, Kirtan Ghar, a Yagyashala, Satsang Bhawan. The architecture confirms that the temple was built in 6 AD to 9 AD during the period of Gupta Rulers.


The history relates this temple to the great epic of Hindu “the Mahabharata”. It is believed that there are 5 stones which were used as a toy house by Pandavas. There is a tunnel below the temple surface. It is also said that this place was might be used by the battlefield between Demons and Gods.

Location, Reach & Timings

The temple is located near the Pabbar river. To reach the pilgrimage, the best route is Shimla-Rohru road as its about 105 km from the capital and passes through Theog, Khara Patthar, and Kotkhai. Public transportation and taxis are too available. The Dehradun-Hatkoti road route is preferred by the road travelers via Tiuni, Chakrata, Deoban, and Arakot. The nearest rail station and airport is in Shimla. The temple opens at 6.00 am and closes at 10.00 pm.