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Weekend Getaway for Summer 2N/3D

Hatu Peak, Narkanda – Kotgarh (Apple Valley) – Baga Sarahan

Himachal is blessed with the scenic valley and magnificent mountain. When we proceed towards the east, there seems to be the mutation of the culture of Aryan Hindu and Tibetan Buddhist. Let’s explore the off-beaten spots.


Hatu peak is the second highest peak of Shimla. It is located 3400 m above sea level. The surroundings of the peak are conifers, oaks, and maples forest. Till Narkanda, you can drive easily. Further, you need to be very careful as roads aren’t in good condition. The distance between the peak and Narkanda is 8 km. There is a wooden made Hatu temple at the top of the peak.


Kotgarh is located 1830 m above sea level and 17 km away from Narkanda. This spot is known for the cherry and apple orchards. It is a scenic valley offering marvelous panorama of the mountain range and the surroundings are covered with the thick deodar trees. The Satluj river is flowing in the feet of the valley. The Nati dance belongs to Kotgarh and is very famous.


Sarahan is a small village and is the site of the Bhimakali Temple. The distance from Shimla is 17 km. This temple is one of the 51 Shakti Peethas. The village acts a gateway to Kinnaur. The Bhimakali temple is the center of attraction with the Bhaba Valley, Bird Park, Gaura, Jeori, the Banjara Retreat, the Darang Ghati, and the Sangla Valley.

How to reach Kotgarh?

The route to reach Kotgarh is

Delhi/Chandigarh – Narkanda – Kotgarh – Baga Sarahan - Chandigarh/Delhi

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