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Weekend Getaway for Summer 2N/3D

Rewalsar – Parashar Lake – Barot – Bir Billing

Do you have the passion to travel? Then let’s start our journey with towards the undiscovered places in the Mandi district of Himachal Pradesh.


Rewalsar is a small Tibetan town and the local name is Tri Sangam. The lake of Rewalsar is very popular and the best spot for the tourists. The village is located 1360 m above sea level. Being located in the southern Himalayas, the summers are very pleasant and winters are very chilling. The places of interest nearby are Rewalsar lake, Statue of Padmasambhava, Naina Mata Temple, a small zoo at Rewalsar. There are three temples dedicated to Hindu sage Lomas, to Shiva, and Krishna, two Tibetan Buddhist monasteries, Gurdwara Sahib and seven lakes which includes Kunti Lake. On Baisakhi, people of all religion reach for holy bath.


The Parashar Lake is located 2730 m above the sea level and is known for the three-storied pagoda-like temples which are dedicated to sage Prashar. The lake is surrounded by the snow-capped peaks and river Beas. The lake is the center of attraction as it has a floating island which has the undetermined depth to date. It is said that the oval shape is made by the Bheem, one of the Pandavas, by pushing his forearm and elbow into the peak. The best thing is this area is pollution free and very calm and peaceful and less populated.


Barot is a village located 1819 meters above sea level in Mandi district which was developed for the Shanan Hydel Project in the 1920s. The village is situated 66 km from Mandi and 40 km from Jogindernagar. Further, this village is as a gateway to the Nargu Wildlife Sanctuary. This place is home to the ghoral, black bear and monal. The more center od attraction places are Barot Temple and Uhl River. You can reach here easily by train, air or road. There is a ropeway as well that connects the Barot with Jogindernagar.


Bir Billing is an amazing destination and is known for the paragliding, trekking, biking, camping, and angling. Bir Billing hosted the first paragliding world cup of India in 2015. The place is 70 km away from the Dharamshala. The distance between the Bir and Billing is 14 km when trekking towards Thamsar pass. The Bir includes the monasteries and handicraft center and is mainly a Buddhist town.

How to reach Barot?

The route to reach Barot is

Delhi/Chandigarh – Rewalsar – Parashar Lake – Barot – Bir Billing – Chandigarh/Delhi

So, pack your bags book the package with us and explore the unexplored Mandi.

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