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Weekend Getaway for Summer 2N/3D

Kharapathar - Giri Ganga – Kuppar - Chanshal – Shimla

Traveling is a passion and we all want to have fun and adventure. There are several unexplored destinations in Himachal Pradesh. We all love to explore the hidden gems and several places are still not discovered. Let’s plan a trip to Giri Ganga and check out the route and the details about the undiscovered spots.


Kharapathar, a small village at height of 8,770 ft., is known for its scenic beauty and the name is derived from a huge rock like an egg. The area surrounds by lush green forest and apple orchards. It is among one of the favorite destinations of tourist due to its attractive landscape and natural beauty. It is a perfect leisure spot. You can even enjoy the local fish food with other delicious dishes. This place is the base for the Giri Ganga trek and the Giri Ganga river is just 7 km walking through the deep deodar forest.


Giri Ganga is a unique and unexplored spot in Shimla district. This place is full of nature and due to the untraveled spot, it is less crowded. You won’t be able to see any concrete buildings. There is a beautiful temple in the dense forest that is Giri Ganga Temple, dedicated to Goddess Durga. It is located on the banks of the Giri river. There are two more temples nearby from which one is dedicated to Lord Ram, Laxman, and Sita and the other one to the Shiva Lingam.
There is a great history dealing with the Giri Ganga river. An ancient sage having power as Kashi and his accompanying Sadhus were carrying the “Ganga Jal” in Kamandals which spilled out and the immediate reaction was “Giri Ganga”. So, it’s the name derived from. The temple was built in the 13th century as said by the archaeological survey of India. The architecture will amaze you as its very complex.


Kuppar peak is lesser known grassland situated above the Giri Ganga. To reach the peak only the trek is the path started above the Giri Ganga Temple as no road is available. It takes around 2-3 hours to reach the peak. The path to the peak is very beautiful as it passes through the dense forest. The feeling of staying connected with nature is truly speechless after seeing small meadows on the way.


Chanshal peak is the highest peak in Shimla district. The height is approx. 4,520 meters (14,830 ft.). The Chanshal pass or valley is situated here linking the Dodra Kwar and Rohru (Chirgaon). The perfect time to visit this spot is May to October and for the rest of the year, it's covered with snow.


Situated near Dharamshala and nearby famous place is the Bhagsunag temple, located in the Bhagsu village and known for Lord Shiva and Lord of Snakes. The water is very crystalline and pure. The best time to visit this spot is monsoons, as in summers, there is very less water. The temple is also the center of attraction, located 2 km away from McLeodganj.

How to reach Giri Ganga?

The route to reach Giri Ganga is

Delhi/Chandigarh - Kharapathar – Giri Ganga – Kuppar - Chanshal – Shimla – Chandigarh/Delhi

So, pack your bags book the package with us and explore the unexplored Shimla.

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