The uniqueness of Sarahan – Best Himachal Pradesh Trip Plan

Sarahan is one of the hidden gems near the queen of hills Shimla. It is a small village in Himachal Pradesh and is approx. 170 km from the Shimla. The village acts as a gateway to Kinnaur. The distance between Sarahan and Satluj is 17 km by road and can easily have an amazing riverside experience. The destination has been mentioned in the Puranas and the historic name is “Shonitpur”. The spot is also famous for trekking.

The destination is well known for the Bhimakali Temple where goddess Bhimakali is worshiped; one of the Shakti Peethas. The Bhimakali temple is approx. 800 years’ old. The temple is the house of Kuldevi (the presiding deity of the dynasty) of Bushahr kingdom. The temple consists both the Hindu and Buddhist statues and also reflecting the trades between India and Tibet via indo-Tibetan road. Shalabag is still the location to excavate the traces of ancient trade road.

The mountains are snow-capped and beautiful landscapes will attract you. The tour to the spot is the best Himachal Pradesh trip plan. The Sarahan is blessed with the natural beauty and stunning scenes. The areas are covered with the orchards, wildflowers and natural herbs. To have an astonishing travel experience, the Sarahan is an ideal spot. The complex architecture of the temple is the center of attraction.

The visitors can visit in any month as this place is accessible throughout the year. The woolen clothes are required in the winters and other months’ light woolens are required for day time and early morning and evening heavy woolens are needed.

So plan a trip now and enjoy the natural beauty and capture the stunning memories.